What is the ACL SNNAP study?

ACL SNNAP - Anterior Cruciate Ligament Surgery Necessity in Non-Acute Patients. As the name suggests the aim of this study is to identify the best treatment of people who have torn their knee anterior cruciate ligament. Currently in the NHS there are 2 main clinical options for this condition:

  1. Physiotherapy (conservative treatment)
  2. ACL reconstruction (surgical treatment)

Currently it remains unclear which is the best strategy, however in the last years research as suggested that it might be beneficial to try Physiotherapy before choosing the surgical management; for instance a study in Scandinavia showed that physiotherapy can be a successful treatment for ACL injuries that have just happened. However as the NHS pathway may take several weeks/months for patients to have access to these management options, it is this study goal to see if Scandinavian results can be extended to the UK non-acute population.


Why have I been invited to take part in ACL SNNAP?

You have been invited because you have torn your ACL, and you are now awaiting treatment.  Your injury is not recent and you fit the eligibility criteria proposed for this Trial.

We are hoping to recruit 320 people to our study from various hospitals around the UK.  It is our aim to understand which package of care is better for patients like you.



If you have any questions please click on our Participants FAQs.